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Laravel Menu Class
Menus are an easy way to navigate through different pages of Web applications.

When users would like to add their personalized menus to execute functions they need frequently, a helpful solution to solve that problem is to store the definition of customized menus' structure in objects stored in a database.

This package provides model classes to store and retrieve the definition of personalized menus. If necessary, the menus may also have the text translated in multiple languages, so the application better supports users' preferences of many countries.
Farm Price
You can implement a marketplace on the Internet that allows customers to buy from suppliers, having the marketplace software for advertising, sales, and billing.

This package implements an API that can back a marketplace for agriculture products.

Applications can use this API to implement different user interfaces to allow the users to negotiate agriculture products using computers or mobile phones from anywhere in the world, wherever they are.
Laravel Agents Detector
Being able to detect the Web application user browser details may be important to let applications adapt to those details.

Detecting those details on every HTTP request sent to the application Web server is time-consuming.

This package can cache the detected user browser details using a Laravel model class. This way, it avoids performing the same steps to detect the user browser details on every HTTP request.
PHP Sitemap XML Parser
Sitemaps are unique resources that many sites contain to list all the URLs of the pages and other relevant site resources.

Sitemaps may be helpful to share the list of site pages with search engines like Google.

Search engines can use a sitemap to get the list of all the site's pages. This possibility may help a site to notify Google faster about newly published pages.

Sitemaps may also be useful for tools that can crawl the site pages to verify any errors.

This package can crawl a sitemap to retrieve the list of all the pages of a site. The package can be helpful to develop tools that need to crawl the site pages.
Video is a modern way to share interesting content of many types, like for instance teaching or entertainment.

This package allows to easily create independent sites to let users share videos, so it can work like a social network for video.
PHP Color Class
Colors can have a significant role when used in applications presented to their users.

Using the right colors may help users to make the best use of applications, not only for aesthetic purposes but also to draw attention to important messages that appear.

The right colors can make important text contrast well when displayed in the background with the right color.

This package provides means to manipulate color values in a useful way. It provides a trait, so its functionality is available from inside any other class.
PHP Search Analytics Utilities
When you want to create new Web pages to rank higher in the Google search results, you need to carefully pick keywords used by many users searching in Google.

This package can find the keywords equivalent to other given keywords and are used by more Google users.
PHP Led Raspberry PI
Raspberry PI is a popular platform for creating small hardware devices that can be controlled by software written in many languages, including PHP.

This package demonstrates how to control a Raspberry PI-based LED light system using PHP.
Laravel LGPD
LGPD is a law in Brazil that aims to protect people's rights to privacy when it comes to personal data.

The law is complex. Businesses and other institutions need to comply with a lot of requirements of the law.

People need to be presented with many terms to understand what happens with their personal data when they sign up for a service that needs to comply with the LGPD law.

Users need to state that they understand and agree with all services' terms to comply with the LGPD law.

This package provides a solution to manage all the terms of the LGPD law that the service implements, and each user agrees.
PHP PicPurify API
Many sites accept user-contributed pictures to be published on their pages.

However, there is always the risk that some users may submit inadequate pictures.

This package helps developers detect if a picture may be of a type that is not acceptable for publication, so a human may review it later to confirm if the picture is inadequate and avoid being published.
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